Culture, Confession, Ethnies and Rases
in Transylvania, Tisa Plain and Panonia
third edition, 2016

Cultură, confesiune, etnie și rasă în bazinul median al Dunării - ediția a 5-a, 2019
Cultură, confesiune, etnie și rasă în Transilvania, Câmpia Tisei și Panonia - ediția a 4-a, 2017
Cultură, confesiune, etnie și rasă în Transilvania,... - ediția a 2-a, 2013 (pdf)

     This paper is a synthesis of Byzantine and Catholic numerous documents, of many German, Hungarian and Romanian researches about Central European Space. Synthesis is possible precisely because, once covered a long period, from antiquity to the present and, secondly, because it deals with both cultural and historical processes. Genetics confirms inferences drawn from the heritage and traditions of pre-Christian traditions, the imprint process of forming layered language of Romanian ..
      Among the documents to which reference is made concrete are famous works of George Bariţiu, Teodore V. Pacatian, A.C.Popovici and C. Diaconovici, published even during the most savage persecutions of the majority. ..
      The 3rd edition to cover more extensively first genocide of Transylvania, not only the Holocaust and the special genocide during the Horthy period.
      Horthyists role in Stalinization of Romania was illustrated the significant data and experiences about the facts of the period. ...
      It is a work necessary given the extremely low cultural level decision makers from Romania and ignorance of European leaders.

Dr.Gelu Neamțu
Institutul de Istorie “George Barițiu”al Academiei
Proiectele Romaniei Creatorilor