Open letter to Robert D. Kaplan

"Unpardonable are those unscrupulous person who, for personal reasons, encourage in England Budapest’s revisionist policy an attempt to disrupt the establish order, an attempt fostered by people who prove themselves to be intolerant, oppressive and lawless in their dealings with other nations" G. B. Shaw

- on one hand are the facts that the world leaders (with their security councils) the more Power they have the more they make decision after TV shows, newspaper, magazine, travel books or, on the top perhaps, after intelligence agents reports,
- on the other hand the coward Romanian leaders, no difference from each era they belong, have not the dignity, the will and the knowledge to defend the people,
after years, I take the decision to write to you about "Balkan Ghost".

Passing over some inoffensive and involuntarily errors like year 1630 instead of 1714 or Moldavia and Valachia instead of Transylvania -the 1784 Horea’s Uprising (pg 91), there are some unacceptable errors. Some of those are due to lack of information, other to misinformation, other are failing to logical examination. Let’s consider the 150th page:

Can you or others name (nominalize) only one famous victory over Turks in Transylvania got by Hungarians except those got by Romanians Ion Corvin de Hunedoara (Janos Hunyadi) as voevod of Transylvania, near Alba-Iulia (Balgrad), over Mezed-pasha at Mars 23, 1442 and by Paul Chinezu (Cneazu) as rulers of Banat county, near Orastie, in 1479? But the history offers tens of battle where Hungarian rulers of Transylvania happily helped Turks to strike Moldova and Walachia (Compulsory "The Revisionist Hungary" by dr. Samuel Fenyes)(LC).

You wrote about "democratic uprising against Austrian rule". Perhaps a joke! (Compulsory acad. David Prodan "Note mai vechi în legãturã cu revolutia noastra din 1848" in Revue de Transylvanie nr. 1 dec. 1991 or in "Transylvania and again Transylvania", C.St. Transilvane, Cluj-Napoca)

Janos Hunyadi was just a Romanian, voevod of Transylvania and finally governor of the Catholic kingdom! After all, the glory of the Catholic kingdom of middle Danube was assured by three Romanians: Ion Corvin de Hunedoara, his son Matei and Nicolae Olahus. 

Writing about Hungarian names besides that it is not true - you should mention the Association of family name Magyarization, the colonization of Hungarians in Transylvania, the deportation of non Hungarians, the mass murder of the non Hungarians, the laws of Magyarization included the family names and toponimics, at least. Transylvania was not Hungarian – otherwise, what was the point of compulsory Magyarization? In all public service Magyarization of the name was an essential condition, even when one applied for the place of a porter. Ludovit Kossuth, a Magyarized Slovak, stated: "Let us hurry, let us Magyarize the Croats, the Romanians and the Saxons, for otherwise we shall perish" (see Fr. Teutsch, Geschite der Siebenburger Sachsen, Sibiu 1910). 

You wrote, "Romanians built Orthodox cathedrals that dwarfed the Hungarian Catholic churches"! For true and justice the Catholics cathedral were built by Saxons, like Saint Michael cathedral from Klausenburg (Cluj), and due to catholic Edict of Buda from 1299 Romanian were forbidden to build stones churches! And that was not enough, in 1761-62 Austrian general Bukov destroy the Romanian churches and monasteries by canons and fire. In 1940-1944 The Hungarians destroyed others Orthodox churches and synagogues, too. Mass murders o non-Hungarians was not avoid, of course that years.

If we pass to next page the results will be the same. 

In the post war Transylvania relations, your references are absolute out of reality; I can mention real names and places of my life that prove the contrary (see The Towns of Transylvania). But read, please, as an aperitif "Itineraire d’un dissident devenu depute" by Gaspar Tamas in "Le Figaro" nr 14120 from 18th January 1990 and guess the direction.

Dear Mr. Professor, dealing with the Romanian-Hungarian relation you must not avoid Milton Lehrer work "Transylvania. History and Reality" at Bartleby Press, 1986 Silver Spring, Maryland (Mss Lehrer is still alive in Israel). Other American professors dealing with Transylvania are Keith Hitchins.

Dear Mr. Kaplan, dealing with Hungarians’ spirit nobody can avoid Johann Weidlein essential work "Bild des Deutschen in der ungarischen Literarur"(LC), nor you. Another exhaustive work about minorities in Hungary is "Untersuchungen zur Minderheitenpolitik Ungarns von den Anfangen zur Gegenwart"(LC) or "Madjarische Rassennationalismus" (LC).

Dear Mr. Professor, dealing with Romanians of mosaic religion you must not avoid Romanian rabins works, rabins that were not under communist control: Moshe Carmily –New-York and Alexandru Safran – Geneve, nor Oliver Lustig’s works, a survivor of Birkenau, nor Raoul Sorban’s works, one "drept intre popoare" at Yad Vashem, nor dr. W. Filderman’s (and S. Manuila) works.

It is hard to say but it is true: the concrete result of such books, like yours, is that a racist state is member of NATO. Of course for that, an important responsibility belongs to our current coward, corrupt and communist Romanians leaders.

I hope that my letter will push you to study the key works in the matter you tackle in Romanian section of your book and after that you will find a way to rectify what is far false and far unjust. Also, I let to you the pleasure to get: to which nationality belong Budapest when Austrian liberated it from Turks, who set up communism in Romania, how the communism was set up in Romania, and what the revolutionary students cried (shouted) before Budapest Parliament in 1956! 

What I wrote to you above is nothing – compare to what you, alone, can discover in the matter, even in what concern the self control (see about Stefan Odobleja - 1938 versus N. Wiener -1948).

Octavian Capatina
Str. Titulescu 165/13, Cluj-Napoca, Ro-3400

Engineer, researcher, Non-communist from the very beginning, Member of Romanian Parliament 1990-1992,
Author of "Designs with microprocessors"/1984, "Designs with one chip microcomputers"/1994, 
"Cea de a treia cale"/1994, "The Towns of Transylvania"/1995, "Romania absurda"/1997, "Romania adsurda, Romania creatorilor"/1999

February, 2002
N.B. (LC) means book in Library of Congress