Octavian Dan Căpățînă 



octavian capatina 1. Born:  1948, April 17th in Sibiu, Romania   

2. Address:  Cluj‑Napoca, str.Titulescu 165,,

3. High School: Hunedoara, 1962-1966

4. Graduate: Technical University of Bucharest, Electronics and Telecommunication. Department. ‑1971
4.1.PhD: Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

5. Specialized:  design with μprocessor and µcontrollers, renewable energies

6. Authorized designer for electrical network under 1000Vac

7. Positions held:

   Unirea –Napomar Cluj-Napoca, 1971-1972,  engineer

  Institute of Research and Design of Machine Tools and Aggregates . branch Cluj Napoca (ICPMUA), 1973-1974, engineer

   Institute of Computer Technic-ITC, 1974-1990, researcher,

  Romanian Parliament, deputy, 1990-1992

  Institute of Computer Technic-ITC, 1992-1996, branch manager, 1996-2000

    Astral-Telecom, branch Cluj, 2000 - 2006, executive manager, 

  IPA SA (automation institute), researcher, 2006 – 2012

   Negoiu Impex ltd, researcher, 2012-

9. Scientific activity:   


 ‑ Generator polifazic si dispozitiv de com. pentru motoare pas cu pas (Polyphasic generator for step motors), nr.70410/1979

 ‑ Generator de 2 frecv. într‑un raport dat (Two frequencies in a given ratio generator), nr 77738/1981

 - Dispozitiv electronic de comanda a motoarelor pas cu pas (Electronic module for step motor command), nr 98301/1989


 - Proiectarea cu microprocesoare (Designing with microprocessor), Ed. Dacia,1983 

 - Proiectarea cu microcalculatoare integrate (Designing with microcomputer one chip), Dacia, 1993

- Integrarea pe scară largă a fotovoltaicelor rezidențiale în rețeaua publică, ISBN: 978-973-650-318-4, Cluj-Napoca, 2019

- The Large Grid Integration of Small Residential Photovoltaic Cells, ISBN: 978-1-5275-4975-3, UK, 2020

Articles in refereed journals

- Bloc de afişare pe tub catodic (Display module on CRT) –E.E.A.  anul 23, nr. 4 dec.1979

Trasoare digitale (Plotters) – A.M.C. nr 37/1983

-    Tehnici de reducere a zgomotului în aparatura digitală, E.E.A. anul 27, nr.2, iun.1983

-    Multiprocessor Hierarchical System for Industrial Robot Command – Conf. Internatională de Roboți Industriali – oct. 1987, București

Arhitectura unităţilor de comanda a roboţilor   industriali UCR (Structure of Command    module of industrial robots – UCR) ‑E.E.A. anul 32, nr.3, aug 1988

- Wind potential determination in a known area  ,  IEEE,  AQTR, 22-25 may 2008, Cluj-Napoca

DOI: 10.1109/AQTR.2008.4588931,

- One Holistic Vision of the Future Energy Systems, IJEE, Apr. 2013, Vol.3 Iss. 2,

Other some papers

 ‑ Hardware Structure of a Robot Command Unit, 31st Conference Jurema Zagreb 1987

 ‑ Multiprocessor Hierarchical System for Industrial   Robots, SAI ‑ 7 Bucharest. mai 1987

 ‑ The Motion Control Module as a Part of a 2 Levels, Structure of a Robot Command, Sofia 1987

 - Hydro-eolian energetical ensamble,  IFAC, ICPS’07 iul 2007, Cluj-Napoca

 - Aspects of  an  Expert  System on line Eolian Sites Design,  IFAC, ICPS’07 iul 2007, Cluj-Napoca

 -  Large wind integration in an electrical national system ,   DEWEK, nov. 2008,  Bremen,

- Future implementationof adaptive and proactive regulators, Revista romana de automatica, vol XXII,  nr. 3  ISSN 1454-9077

- Hybrid hidro-wind energy structure, Revista română de automatizare, nr.3, 2008, vol.21, ISSN 1454-9077

- Intelligent sensor network for wind potential assessment, Revista română de automatizare, nr.3, 2008, vol.21, ISSN 1454-9077

- A new concept – the proactive regulator, Revista română de automatizare, nr.3, 2008, vol.21, ISSN 1454-9077

- About wind in Romania ,  SEE, 29-30 Jan.. 2009,  Istambul,

- Photovoltaic Farms - today challenge, Revista romana de automatica, vol XXII, 2009, ISSN1454-9077

- The funnel effect and its practical benefits in wind applications,  IEEE  AQTR, 28-30 may 2010, Cluj-Napoca,DOI: 10.1109/AQTR.2010.5520784,
( )

- Online knowledge based wind assessment tool, IEEE  AQTR, 28-30 may 2012, Cluj-Napoca, DOI: 10.1109/AQTR.2012.6237731,
( )

- A new approuch of the energy system, Energetica, vol 59, ISSN 1453-2360, nr11/2011 Bucuresti

- Aplicația de simulare energii regenerabile–Kogaion, Energetica, nr.08/2012, ISSN 1453-2360

- Towards to the future in the power systems,  (Octavian Căpățînă și Silviu Darie, PhDE) IEEE ICNTET Conference, 2018 


RoEnergy - renewable conferences

-          Stocarea energiei in sisteme regenerabile, RoEnergy, București,  iunie 2014

-        Cu module fotovoltaice de 1Kwcc instalat se poate sustine o gospodarie?! Iunie 2015

-          Stocarea energiei in sisteme regenerabile izolate, RoEnergy, București, noiembrie, 2016

-          Energia din fotovoltaice mai ieftină decât din rețeaua publică, RoEnergy, iunie 2017


9. Technical achievments:


First romanian microcomputers SMP-80, 1976


DECIS-1M, DECIS-2 – 1979, Semiautomat wrapping machines – (Dispozitive de cablare semiautomate)


MD-10 - first Romanian Plotter, ‑ 1980/81 designed for mass production at IEPER (Company for computer periphery equipment) Bucharest


 Command unit for production flexible cell (2 robots and 3 press machines) – 1985, at Tehnofrig company Cluj-Napoca. This production cell was included in the technological production line of bottling machine exported in China.


compar mc mp 300

-          Technological development in 1986/87: swept from μprocessor (Intel 8080) to µcontrollers (Z8), 1988 for industrial applications (Robots Command Units – see 


z86c95 lat300

-          Set up of a DSP Z86C95 development kit (a complet technology, hard and soft: development board, monitor, crossassambler, C compilator), for Z86C95 microcomputer with Digital Signal Processor -1996, ITC. The C Compilator was written by Laura Galiș 


-          Two generation of PLA with DSP Z86C95 processor for food Industry (1996-1999)


-          4 generation of Control Devices of Frecquency (CDF 0x) microcomputer Z8 based, for Terapia Cluj-Napoca (2000-2006)



A small renewable hybrid system (o,5Kw photovoltaic panels and 1,5Kw wind turbine, 48Vdc 180Ah accumulators and 4kw inverter with an own made SCADA system) for research purposes was set up in 2009, near Cluj Napoca. The monitoring SCADA system was based on Siemens PLC CPU224Xp. The current measurements are based on LEM LA25-P sensors. The anemometer is based on NRG#40 sensor.  The data transmission are over an VPN GSM/GPRS connection.




Kogaion - a software application written in Matlab




Kogaion -  an application software for design, development and assessment of wind, solar and hybrid projects. 
Kogaion consists of a number of modules, each of which has its special purpose.  The user has many
possibilities the use all the data type known, to compare one turbine in many places, to compare the
results of two turbines in one place, to compare up to four turbines one to another, to extract the
power/speed curve and so on. For small projects there is a special module that structures a solar,
hydro and wind hybrid project. Another special module refers to wind energy conservation by water pumping
into upper lake. Other feature refers to economical approaches (Cost, venue, NPV, IRR, payback etc).
A Matlab base application software for Wind locations assessment, Energy yield and Wind energy conservation
through pumps

10. Small renewable projects

11. Other small renewable projects

12. Contribution for large scale integration of fotovoltaics in the grid.
     This large thesis was helped with many tools: one of them was Koson another Matlab programs
with more than 16 UIF to configure, to assess economical parameters, to assess the yield per year,
per months, per day. Instead of pico, nano or microgrid was introduced the notion of Intelligent
Energy Cells, IEC. The future power systems, the Intelligent Energy Sysyem, IES, is seen like a tissue
of IEC. A new inverter was defined as a step to smart energy cell, which is in the same time off/on grid.

13. Koson - some User Interactive Interfaces

14. Cultural books


In this book “The Towns of Transylvania” are presented: the programmatic means by which the minority dominated, the results of this programmatic politics in the towns, who set up communism in Transylvania, how was set up communism in Transylvania.


In these publications “Romania absurda” and “Romania absurda, Romania creatorilor” are presented: the crude reality of Romanian society in the post communism era, the corrupted political class and its cowardice 
In the second publication (1999) was described a new concept for society future development named “Romania creatorilor”





Mari Valori Romanesti” – is a large cultural project about great values belonging to our cultural space, on virtual space . The project was supported by many other academic authors.


     Mica Enciclopedie de mari valori ridicate dintre romani- a book about the Romanian great personalities published with other scientist, in May 2011,
and his english version The Enciclopaedia of Oustanding Romanian Personalities, published in May 2013.


     Cultura, confesiune şi rasă în Transilvania, Câmpia Tisei şi Panonia (Culture, confession and race in Transylvania, Tisa Plain and Panonia) gather Vatican, Hungarian, German and Romanian information on the most exciting historical process – the domination of a minority over most educated and civilization majorities. It was published in February 2014.


     When I examine the knowledge, or rather the lack of it, in the field of history, displayed by the Romania political leaders of the last 27 years, I am frightened. If I look at the ignorance of Germany’s leaders, starting with Otto von Bismarck up to those of today, regarding the history of the Eastern half of Europe, I shudder! And how could this be in any way different, when in "Die Grosse Chronik -Weltgeschichte" Wissen Media Verlag published in Gütersloh/Munich in 2008, for example - a book written not by ignorant persons, but by scientists, allegedly - the references to the eastern part of Europe are either lacking probity or funny altogether.In short, I wrote a roundup of the European spirit, superimposed over a timeline starting from 1000 BC until date, an adventure of the European spirit.


Cultura, confesiune şi rasă în Transilvania, Câmpia Tisei şi Panonia
Culture, confession and race in Transylvania, Tisa Plain and Panonnia – the 5th edition, May 2019,

Globe Edit Publishing House,
ISBN 978-613-9-41554-0


Octavian Căpățînă,  June  2019, Cluj-Napoca